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Click the zip file to download  from the well dressed sim site
Requires: Installation of the Pepsi Machine from The Official Maxis Site.

This cake is cool!When someone comes to blow out the candles, anyone within the perimeter of the cake will be cursed and they will dance and go crazy! (It is an edible cake though.)

Due till further notice i have removed some objects from my site and i may be making more in the furture i hope you understand thanx for understanding and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at, and please don't put rude comments in my guestbook if you want to talk to me like that or you just want to talk to me seriosly then click the e-mail above, but you can also feel free to check out the other sections on my web site.

This was posted by Amitnayyar(this was posted by Amit on May 21,2002)

By the way if you are wondering where these objects came from or who made them? well i made some of them with transmogrifier and some people submitted their objects to me. And i do have permission for these objects
Please do not ask me that these aren't my objects, just read the information above.
Thanx for your cooperationAmitNayyar(this was posted by Amit May 8, 2002) blue expresso machine

file://C:\My Documents\blueespressomachine905562_sprites\sprite0200\espresso-lever-up_large_ne_p.bmp