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Type rosebud you will get 1,000 simoleans then type ;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!; after rosebud to get even more money!

Type shift, then control, then c to bring up the cheat window this is the cheat is the window

AUTONOMY [0 - 100]
Sets the independence level of your Sims. A Sim with an Autonomy of zero will do little if anything unless told by you. A Sim with an Autonomy of 100 will do pretty much what it wants.
The default AUTONOMY setting is 50.

BUBBLE_TWEAK [ 0 - -65]
Sets the hight of your Sims thought bubbles. The default is -65. I haven't gotten this to do much, though.

Draw every frame or not. This does not have any noticeable effect on my system. It might on slower computers.

Turns the floorable grid on or off in build mode when you add a second story.

Draws colored dots on selected Sim's path. In the illustration to the right (click on picture to see a larger image) Mr. Sim is heading over to turn on the TV and sit on the couch. Too bad Mrs. Sim is asleep on the couch.
This is a good cheat to use if you are trying to figure out why a Sim is having trouble navigating a house you're building.

Turns on edit mode for grass tiles. The increment sets the value to apply to the grass on the ground tiles. To edit grass simply play the mouse over the grass like a paint program. Positive values will cause the grass to grow to that level of lushness, negative values will fade it to dirt. To turn grass edit off use an increment of zero.
The illustration to the right (click on for larger image) shows a lawn with both positive and negative values applied to the grass.
Hot Date has added the "Edit Grass" functionality to the Build Mode dirt tool.

The Easy Way of getting married

First you need to have a 100% realationship with that sims, then you will need to be in love with that sim, then you will need the sims version livin large, then buy the  genie lamp and when the "Do you wish for love or money?" you then choose love, if it works your sim (depending if your sim is a male or a female) you sims realationship with the other sim will be a 80% then choose the propose button in the pie menu and bingo, you got married!